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L'Oreal Treatments 

ProFiber Re-create 

Discover our in-salon Re-creat hair care shampoo treatment, ideal for fine to ver damaged hair. Hair instatnly appears restored and replumped without feeling weighed down. 
Originating from and advanced professional repairing technology, this shampoo treatment revives the regenerating APTYL100 in-salon protocol care effect to restore hair. The combination of unique active ingrediants, which lastingly penetrates the hair fiber and locks in hair-repairing activites for unparalleled percieved and visibly lasting results.
Repairs, strengthens, thickens, softens and shiny hair.

Hair Type:
Hair thinned by damage, sensitized hair, porous cortex or chemically damaged hair.

When dry hair is noticeably more supple and silky smooth from root to tip.